Lumina Grand EC – An Emblem of Contemporary Living in Singapore

lumina grand ec

Grand Lumina EC’s proximity to numerous shopping centres in Bukit Batok and Jurong allows residents access to an expansive selection of options ranging from global fashion labels to locally crafted artisanal goods – providing residents with endless opportunities.

Jurong Region Line allows commuters to easily move from Lumina Grand EC to popular destinations, shortening travel times and improving daily commuting experiences.


Lumina Grand offers unparalleled connectivity, providing easy and swift access to nearby business hubs such as Raffles Place, Marina Bay, and Tanjong Pagar. This feature helps professionals save both time and energy so that they can spend more time enjoying family life and leisure activities.

Lumina Grand EC’s proximity to numerous top schools makes it an attractive option for families that place an emphasis on education. Children will have access to Swiss Cottage Secondary School, known for its holistic approach. Furthermore, living at Lumina Grand EC allows students to benefit from quality education without long commutes.

Jurong Region Line (JRL), set to debut soon, will further increase Lumina Grand’s accessibility. Residents will now have easy access to western and northwestern areas of Singapore without depending on motorised transport – making commuting to work or visiting friends simpler and more comfortable than ever!

Lumina Grand is located near key shopping havens in Bukit Batok and Jurong, offering residents access to shopping, dining and lifestyle activities at their convenience – providing an experience in luxury urban living. Additionally, its community club in Bukit Batok goes beyond providing shopping center ambience; instead offering workshops, classes and events that foster holistic living practices.


Lumina Grand EC stands out among Bukit Batok Town executive condominiums (ECs) due to its luxurious furnishings and polished atmosphere, which make it popular with homebuyers upgrading from HDB flats – it provides an elegant alternative to standard Singapore condo layouts!

Residents of Lumina Grand EC will take pleasure in Grand Lumina floor site plans and living close to key amenities and services, enabling them to lead an enriched lifestyle. Shopping malls nearby make shopping convenient; while public transit makes commuting to work an efficient experience. This neighbourhood offers all this and more!

Lumina Grand EC is situated within minutes of Dulwich College, an elite international school which combines global perspectives with state-of-the-art facilities to give its students an exceptional education that provides a strong basis for personal and professional success.

Bukit Batok residents can also take advantage of its extensive bus network, enabling them to easily get around the island without having to drive themselves. Furthermore, Jurong Region Line connectivity enhancement will boost property values while opening up opportunities for both homeowners and investors.

Buyers should remember that many factors should be taken into account prior to purchasing an EC property, including eligibility criteria and resale restrictions as well as design restrictions which might impede customization options.


Lumina Grand EC stands as an exemplar of residential grandeur in Bukit Batok, situated close to premium shopping centres both in Bukit Batok and Jurong, making it an attractive urban oasis. Offering convenience, variety, and city vibrancy that most HDB dwellers only dream about, its upscale lifestyle provides convenient living solutions in an oasis setting.

Residents in Lumina Grand EC benefit from an abundance of bus services, making accessing shopping malls and other points of interest much simpler while cutting travel time significantly – making life at Lumina Grand EC even more pleasurable!

Grand Lumina Area is near Jurong Region Line (JRL), Singapore’s latest MRT line, promises to bring great benefits for residents at Lumina Grand EC. Connecting western and north-western Singapore through direct routes, it will offer commuters faster routes directly to their desired destinations – whether for work, recreation or socializing with family and friends. Travel time should significantly be reduced.

Lumina Grand EC’s strategic location near esteemed schools is a major draw for families that prioritize quality education. Princess Elizabeth Primary School is an exceptionally popular option among parents due to its superior academic standards and comprehensive development programmes, and convenient location allows parents more time with their children without lengthy commutes. Millennia Institute also provides comprehensive pre-university education suitable for students of all abilities.


Lumina Grand stands as an icon of modern living and its Grand Lumina Development Team is providing its residents with an engaging, diverse, and urban lifestyle. Situated near some of Singapore’s key shopping hubs and leisure spots, residents will have easy access to downtown areas and leisure spots alike. Furthermore, the Jurong Region Line will further improve these connections, making life simpler as they travel between work and leisure destinations.

The development also promises a high standard of luxury living, making it the ideal choice for HDB upgraders seeking a more refined and comfortable lifestyle. Furthermore, investors may find an appealing investment opportunity here; its prices compare favorably to private condominiums while providing potential for substantial appreciation in dynamic Bukit Batok township.

Residents of Lumina Grand can take advantage of its many green features, including state-of-the-art gym facilities and tranquil swimming pools. Furthermore, its layout encourages residents to use environmentally-friendly modes of transport like biking and walking to both save money on transportation costs as well as reduce carbon emissions. Residents also can easily access Bukit Batok Community Club where workshops and classes provide opportunities for them to develop new skills or pursue hobbies. Interested in what you seeing, fix a Grand Lumina Appointment today